Boston Python - Twisted Concepts & Patterns

Patrick Cloke and I recently gave a talk at Boston Python meetup about the Twisted Networking Framework. It was an introductory to intermediate level talk based on our experiences using Twisted at Percipient Networks.

The slides and example code are available on GitHub. There is a rendered PDF for convenience. The talk covered:

  1. What is asynchronous programming?
  2. What is Twisted?
  3. When/why to use Twisted?
  4. What is the event loop (reactor)?
  5. What are Deferreds and how do you use them?
  6. What are protocols, protocol factories, and transports?

Additionally, there was a "bonus" section on using Twisted to build systems and services. We used an example of a simple chat server with an admin dashboard to demonstrate integrating Twisted in the larger Python ecosystem.

Thank you to everyone who attended, the sponsors for the night, and the organizers of Boston Python. An additional thank you goes out to Patrick for co-presenting and my very supportive wife for attending.